Funs countdown for the Iconic Ethiopian singer Tedy Afro’s new album,

Teddy Afro is an Ethiopian singer and one of the most popular artists in Ethiopia. His music lyrics vary from social to political, from love to tolerance and so on.

The singer, on January 26, 2017 announced that his new album will be released on Easter.

“Very glad to announce that my 5th studio album, Ethiopia is due to be released on Easter!” he said on his face book page.

Since then funs countdown the days showing how eager they are to be entertained.

“Counting the days becomes my job,” says Hiwot Birhanu, one of the funs of the singer. “Now 35 days left and I am very sure he will amazes us as usual,” she told Kaliti Press.

The 40 years singer was once imprisoned for two years for a car accident he was criminalized for hitting and run.

However, many associate his imprisonment as politically motivated following his mountain music “Jah Yasteserial” where he claims “though change has been seen on the throne, there is no change at all.”

Tedy Afro, the father of two lives in Ethiopia with his wife mode Amleset Muche and his children.


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