There’s a Simple New Way to Find Out if Hackers Already Have Your Password

Passwords suck. They’re hard to remember, we all have about a million of them, and they’re not supposed to be anything easy or memorable like your cat’s name (sorry Furball1).

Worst of all, when massive data breaches happen to the companies we actually trust with our online credentials, our usernames and passwords can become totally exposed – but luckily, there’s now a simple way to find out if you’ve been compromised like this.

Troy Hunt is an Australian security researcher and the man behind Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), a website that lets people check if their email addresses and usernames have been involved in some of the biggest data breaches ever – involving companies like Myspace, LinkedIn, Adobe, Dropbox (and sadly hundreds more).

Now, Hunt has approached the same problem from the opposite perspective, building a new tool called Pwned Passwords that does the same kind of thing, but this time it lets you enter just your passwords to see if they’ve been leaked in any of the aforementioned hacks.

ፓስወርድዎ በሳይበር ጠላፊዎች መጠለፉንና አለመጠለፉን ከዚህ ድረገጽ ይሞክሩ

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